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If You're Heading to Boston for Your next Assignment, Don't Miss These Sightseeing Opportunities

Cross Country Allied
February 27, 2018 13:50 PM (GMT-05:00)
If you're working with Cross Country Allied as a travel physician assistant and ready to begin an exciting assignment in Boston, Massachusetts, you're in for a treat.
This historic city has a rich cultural heritage, as well as modern attractions and amenities -- and according to many professionals who live and work in the Boston downtown area, this is an excellent place to live.
One way to get connected to the city is to explore some of its interesting lesser-known opportunities for learning and entertainment. It's fine to take a trip to Fenway Park, or explore some of those other major sightseeing spots, but intrepid travelers hoping to discover more of Boston's local culture can also take the opportunity to visit some places that the average tourist doesn't usually go.

Boston Museums - A Fun Learning Experience

One of the best ways to explore Boston is to look in some of its renowned museums, many of which are very accessible from central urban neighborhoods. For example, if you landed a rewarding medical job near the Boston University School of Medicine, (or you're in the process of landing one through us,) you're within range of attractions like the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts, both of which are also accessible from lodging at the Inn at Longwood nearby.
Another great spot for those interested in medicine and science is the Warren Anatomical Museum. This location is also in the same general vicinity and advertises "physical oddities and medical history" from around the world. This can be an interesting complement to a long week's work in a local hospital or medical facility. You'll learn a lot, and some of it may help you on the job!

Waterfront Activities

Another way to explore Boston is to get out on the river. Duck tours and other opportunities operate from convenient downtown locations. Pick a warm sunny day to explore riverfront restaurants and attractions, and even take a boat trip. It's a great way to relax during a Boston weekend.

The Mapparium

If you're interested in travel and you get around a good bit, you may want to visit the Mapparium in the Mary Baker Eddy Library, another Boston landmark that's sort of off the beaten path.
It may not be as famous as something like the Sam Adams Brewery, but the Mapparium represents one of Boston's "cultural treasures" with a gigantic visual globe that show real-time historic timelines with LED light-ups. It's a great way to stimulate the mind when you want to blend knowledge and leisure together during some much-needed down time.

Personal Gaming

Do your interests also include gaming? You might find a haven in the Games People Play shop at Harvard Square. This local store is bursting with board games and card games, and all of those neat types of merchandise used by fans of the traditional 'thinking person's gaming culture.'
When you walk in, you really think about the nature of games as a human experience -- how we use them to unwind, and at the same time, to focus our mental energies on something interesting. A lot of medical professionals who deal with complex data and issues in the workplace also like to challenge themselves mentally in their off-duty hours. The game store can even be a spot to meet like-minded people in the city, and maybe get some game nights going.

Ready for your next adventure?

Browse our exciting contract assignments located near Boston and start planning your adventures around the city! Whether you're looking for opportunities as a traveling nurse practictioner or a traveling physical therapist assistant, let our team find you the perfect opportunity to expand your career. 

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