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November 2016


On The Road Again…And Again with Anne Postupak


After 20 years, 8 state licenses and 75 assignments, Anne Postupak shares her story and her favorite part of being a travel physical therapist.

Traveling to a New Location for a New Job? Don't Forget to Pack These 5 Things!


As a general rule of thumb, pack these five necessities for your next travel assignment.

The Secret to Remaining Calm and Collected During an Interview


If you’re taking on traveling assignments, you’ll be interviewing more often, including initial phone or video screenings. Fortunately, interviewing is a skill you can practice and perfect, just like any other.

How Simply Saying "Thank You" Can Improve Your Workplace


A happy medical staff generally means a better patient experience. Express your appreciation with these tips for how to effectively take the time to thank your coworkers.

Everything to Know about National Allied Health Professionals Week 2016


National Allied Health Professions Week serves as a way to celebrate hard working professionals like you and honor the valuable contributions you make to patients’ lives and the healthcare system as a whole.