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February 2017


How to Save Money and Reach Your Financial Goals in 2017


To be successful and make your money help you accomplish your personal objectives, you have to be intentional with how you handle it. Save money and reach your financial goals in 2017 with these tips.

Getting Started With Teletherapy: How to Help Without Even Leaving Your House!


With the right technology, patients who live in remote areas or who have transportation or scheduling challenges can gain access to quality care. How does it work?

Heading to San Jose for an Allied Healthcare Assignment? Don't Miss Out on Seeing These Key Hot Spots!


If you're heading to San Jose, CA for an allied healthcare assignment, check out these top things to do.

The Secret to Regrouping When Your Day Just Isn't Going as Planned


When you are having a bad day and everything seems to be going wrong, it's necessary to pause and readjust. If not, you risk remaining in a frantic state or bad mood and affecting the quality of care you provide.

Mobile Apps for the Physical Therapist: Muscle Premium —Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Bones


What’s so great about Muscle Premium? Find out as we describe some of the features in the app.

20 States Are Raising Minimum Wage in 2017. How Will That Impact Travel Lab Techs?


If you work in travel lab tech jobs, you may experience changes in your experiences both before and during your short-term lab tech assignments. Follow this advice to learn more about how the minimum wage increase may impact travel lab techs.

How to Develop a Meaningful Relationship With Your Recruiter


Part of your success as a travel healthcare professional depends on having a meaningful relationship with your recruiter. How can you develop a good relationship with a busy specialist?

Get Me Started in Long Beach! 5 Things to Do During Your Next Travel Assignment


You can count on an abundance of sunshine and blue skies as you explore the city. But what should you see first? Here are five popular attractions you might want to visit.

What is Teletherapy? And How is it Reshaping the Therapy Profession?


Teletherapy uses online technology to provide certain services to patients. Exactly what is this technique, and what does it mean for therapists and patients?