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December 2016


When Creating a Resume, How Should You Select Your References?


The strength of your references will heavily influence hiring decisions. Positive reviews from someone whose opinion they trust will make hiring managers feel more confident in selecting you above other candidates.

Get me Started in Los Angeles! 5 Things to Do During Your Next Travel Assignment


Heading to LA for a travel assignment? With countless things to do, we’ll give you some ideas to help you make a list of your own and have an exciting stay.

Travel Light...but Pack Right. Here's How


After the excitement of receiving a coveted traveling healthcare assignment, it’s time to deal with the logistics of getting on the road. Travel light but still have everything you need for your next healthcare traveling assignment.

Need a Change? Here Are Three Reasons to Become a Travel Physical Therapist


Do you love your job, but often wish you could find ways to add a little adventure to it? Become a travel physical therapist and start checking off your wish list.

Preparing for 2017: How to Align Your Actions with Your Career Goals


The power to get the career you want is in your hands. It’s not just about working hard and waiting to be rewarded for your effort - career progression also requires being strategic in order to transform larger looming goals into a reality.

How to Land Your Next Job as a Lab Technologist


Lab technologists play a valuable role serving patient care needs in a more behind-the-scenes capacity. Land your next job as a lab technologist with these job search tips.

Mobile Apps for the Traveling Physical Therapist: Goniometer


If you are a physical therapist, a mobile goniometer app is a fast, accurate and reliable way to measure range of motion in a patient’s joints.