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April 2017


I Want to Go! A Look into the Exciting Nightlife of Boston, Massachusetts


It doesn’t matter if you want a night out during the week or the weekend. This city is alive with an abundance of choices to help you unwind your way.

So...I Moved Into My Temporary Housing and I Hate it! Can I Move?


It’s rare to move into temporary housing and hate it. But if you have to make a change, there are some things you should do right away!

The Sometimes Overlooked Benefits of Aquatic Training for Physical Therapy


Aquatic training for physical therapy isn't new. But how can your patients benefit from this therapy in 2017?

Question: Can I Bring My Pet on My Next Travel Assignment?


It is not uncommon to be able to bring your pet along, but you'll have to do some preparation to make sure your pet is allowed and the best choice for you.

Three Reasons It's a GREAT Idea to Travel With a Friend for Your Next Assignment


you don’t always have to go it alone. It’s a great idea to occasionally travel with a friend. Consider these reasons to ask a friend to join you on your next assignment.

Mobile Apps Every Lab Tech Should Download Before They Leave for an Assignment


Don't let any important information slip through the cracks - here are mobile apps every Lab Tech should download before they leave for an assignment.

Heading to a New City is Awesome! But What Should You Do if You Start to Feel Homesick?


Being homesick is normal, but it doesn't have to take away the enjoyment of your travel assignments. Learn more about what you should do if you start to feel homesick.