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Travel Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs & Career Overview

The position of a physical therapist assistant (PTA) provides a rewarding career for those looking for a dynamic profession. Every day in the United States, healthcare facilities demand specialists who can diagnose and manage the movement dysfunction of over 750,000 people in order to enhance their physical and functional abilities. You can explore the PTA travel job opportunities that Cross Country Allied has available, and see how you can elevate your career.

What Does a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Do?

Physical therapist assistants work under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. PTAs help prevent the onset, symptoms and progression of ailments, impairments and limitations that can result from conditions, diseases and injuries. They restore and maintain optimal physical function and mobility through fitness and wellness in order to improve and promote a healthy quality of life for individuals of all ages – newborns to the elderly.

Conditions that physical therapist assistants can treat in many settings include, but are not limited to:

Hospitals and privately owned physical therapy practices hold approximately 72% of jobs available to physical therapist assistants. You can also apply to travel PTA assignments located in extended care and nursing home facilities, home health, rehabilitation centers, and schools.

Physical Therapist Assistant Education and Licensing

Training requirements to become a travel physical therapist assistant include a two-year associate’s program in human movement and physical function from an institution accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). You must obtain licensure or certification by passing a state-administered national exam – required by most states in order to practice physical therapy and take a PTA job with Cross Country Allied.

What is the Salary of a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)?

Physical therapists earn a median salary of $85,400 based on a variety of factors including degree of education, geographic location, position, practice setting, and years of experience.

Market Demand for Physical Therapist Assistants

Healthcare facilities across the country need PTAs more and more as the U.S. population ages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth for physical therapist assistant jobs is supposed to rise 41% by 2024. Cross Country Allied has the market demand covered as you can apply to new travel PTA positions that we receive every day. No matter where you are nationwide, the U.S. population will continue to require physical therapist assistants for coping with chronic and debilitating conditions.

Cross Country Allied Helps PTAs in Their Careers

You will find tremendous opportunity when you choose a physical therapist assistant travel career at Cross Country Allied. Apply to a PTA travel position from one of hundreds of locations and settings we have available. You will have the ability as a traveler to visit places you have only dreamed of going. From Boston to San Francisco and Miami to Anchorage in Alaska, you will have your choice of many different areas to take an assignment, and gain new perspective and add to your skills set.

When you take a travel PT assignment at Cross Country Allied, you will receive not only lucrative compensation but also a comprehensive benefits package that normally covers:

Start on your new adventure as a physical therapist assistant with us today. Call us, apply online, or search for travel PTA jobs we have now!

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