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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists (PT) are in high demand all over the county. Healthcare facilities require the services of those who can help relieve the pain patients endure, without having to resort to expensive surgeries and deal with the possible addiction and side effects of long-term prescription medication use. If you’re a physical therapist looking to take your career to the next level, explore the PT job opportunities and possibilities you can have with Cross Country Allied.

There is no time like the present to be in physical therapy. The market for PTs is expected to grow 34 percent by 2024 as reported the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today, PTs are experiencing the best employment conditions since the enactment of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, with just a 0.2 percent unemployment rate according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). At Cross Country Allied, we constantly receive new physical therapist jobs that you can apply for any time.

As a physical therapist, you teach your patients how to manage their condition so they can live and function at a healthier level. The treatment techniques you learn such as developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs allow you to assist patients young and old to move with limited inflictions of pain, restore their ability to perform day-to-day tasks, and prevent disability and loss of mobility. 

PTs can provide care for patients in a number of settings, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Inpatient rehabilitation facilities
  • Outpatient clinics or offices
  • Skilled nursing, extended care, or sub-acute facilities
  • Home health agencies
  • Hospices
  • Education or research centers
  • Schools
  • Fitness centers and sports training facilities
  • Industrial, workplace, or other occupational environments

In order to practice a successful career as a physical therapist, you must obtain a graduate degree from an accredited program in physical therapy and pass the national licensure exam. Because of the demands and requirements needed to assist people in restoring and improving motion, PTs have the most specialized education. More programs at colleges and universities across the country offer the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degrees – 199 academic institutions currently support 212 accredited professional physical therapy education programs. In most cases, state licensure is required in every state where a physical therapist practices. As a traveling PT, you will want to ensure you have the correct licensures before applying for a physical therapy position

Physical therapists earn a median salary of $85,400 based on a variety of factors including degree of education, geographic location, position, practice setting, and years of experience. When you take a travel PT assignment at Cross Country Allied, you will receive not only lucrative compensation but also a comprehensive benefits package that normally covers:

  • Health, life and dental insurance
  • Free private housing OR subsidy (please contact your recruiter for details)
  • Tax advantage plan
  • Completion and referral bonuses
  • 401(k) plan
  • Licensure reimbursement
  • And many more!

At Cross Country Allied, the possibilities of where you can take your career as a physical therapist are endless. When you take a PT job, you can get rewarded for your hard work not only with high pay and great benefits but the ability to visit places you have only wished you could go before. Whether you love the sunshine of Florida and Southern California, the rugged mountains of New England and the Pacific Northwest or just want to stay close to your hometown, you will gain a fresh, new perspective on your skill level and capabilities as you travel the country as a PT. 

Let Cross Country Allied meet your goals as a traveling physical therapist. Call us now, apply online, or search PT jobs we have available!