10 Questions with Cross Country Traveler, Alistair McCrann

10 Questions with Cross Country Traveler, Alistair McCrann

What made you decide to take your first travel assignment?

In 2009 I was working in a clinic with patients of all ages. I worked one day with a woman whom needed both knees and hips replaced from severe arthritis. She turned to me and said something to the effect "I have worked 35 years to save and enjoy my Golden Years. Now I struggle to get out of bed. Don't wait for your Golden Years to start living, go do it now." True story. The next week I began to treat an

Injured traveling OT and saw this all as a sign of my career path. Within a month I was a traveling therapist!

What made you decide to travel with Cross Country?

I have used many companies over the years for traveling adventures. Cross Country came about from my recruiter, Jennifer Crane. A good recruiter is hard to come by in this business. As a traveler I really want to be able to connect with someone who understands my needs and goals. Jennifer was easy to relate with over the phone and really listened to my needs and delivered.

What were the best parts of your time traveling?

Currently the best parts of my travel career have been the time between assignments. The traveling career allows me to truly embraces the world and experience great things on y own schedule, and then return to work. Currently I am sitting on a balcony of a rental in Merano, Italy. I flew here for the scenery and to go to Münich, Germany for a few days of Oktoberfest. Without the resources and flexibilities I have available from being a traveling therapist I would not have opportunities to enjoy trips such as this.

If you had one piece of advice for a new traveler what would it be?

Just one? Impossible. If only limited to one bit of advice I would tell them to be patient with their recruiter and the job market. It is constantly in flux and changing. New jobs will appear in almost an instant, and getting worked up in a panic is not very helpful.

What facilities / locations have you traveled to?

I have been doing this for almost 7 years now and the list is pretty long. I have been to CA, AZ, NV, NM, CO, AK, and NJ. My next job will take me to TX for the first time. Each place has been a great experience for me. I have been blessed with nothing but positive experience as a traveler.

What has been one of your favorite experiences as a travel therapist?

My favorite experiences as a traveler have come from the most unusual of patients and places. A former NFL player form the 50s who just needed someone to truly sit and listen to him for a while in the hospital. A young baby that no one could get to do anything simply needed to be held and tickled enough to trust and then listen. The variety of patients we are exposed to in our travels gives us such an amazing experience that I am confident every traveler has one favorite experience during each traveling adventure.

What has been one of your least favorite experiences as a travel therapist?

Sadly I have more than one, but the one that sticks out the most was the only time I worked in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Sadly the patients were poorly cared for and the staff was overwhelmed and undervalued. My job was cut short after 3-weeks due to staffing issues.

What have been some of your favorite travel therapy assignment locations?

In Eureka, CA I lived in a small town that is pretty remote from the rest of the state. I was pleasantly surprised to find such locally grown great tasting foods were made in the area. There is a cheese factory as well and lots of little breweries. These little gems made the adventure so much more enjoyable.

Do you have pets/kids/spouse/friends and do you bring them with you when you travel on assignment?

I have a friend, Eileen who lives in VA. She comes to visit me at each new location at least once a year. She loves to be involved in my new travel adventure assessments and choices. Of course I make my own choices, but she loves to visit as a chance to get away from her family and local area to experience something new. I encourage all of my friends to come visit me if they are able.

Have you traveled with other Cross Country travelers and what was the impact that had on your overall experience?

I have brought a few other travelers to CCTC over the past year and shared living with two of them. It is certainly much more enjoyable to have good company at home as a traveler. We can spend quite a bit of time alone and having someone with whom you can relate makes a big difference.

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