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Option 1- We provide you Housing

  • Our team can provide housing accommodations for you on your assignment. We make those accommodations through our internal housing team. All of these options are furnished, and basic housewares are provided
  • These options are expensive, so be aware that the cost can be high. Not only do apartments have higher fees for short term leases, there are costs for furniture delivery, lease fees, background costs, refundable cleaning costs and non-refundable cleaning costs.

We recommend this as an option in some specific scenarios:

  • You don’t have the money up front to cover housing on your own
  • You are unsure about the area
  • You don’t want to be bothered with housing

Option 2- Taking a Housing Subsidy

  • Housing subsidy means that you will be providing housing for yourself on the assignment. This option allows us to use the GSA (www.gsa.gov) to determine the subsidy allowance for the area of the assignment
  • Housing subsidy provides you the greatest amount of flexibility because you can rent from anyone and use as little or as much of the provided allotment as you need
  • Housing subsidy is paid along with your first check and cannot be advanced. Please make sure that you are able to handle the first two weeks of housing. Your first check is received on the Friday of the next week from the day you start working.
  • We can provide you a variety of housing options that you can investigate on your own at any time. As always please be careful to not pre-pay for anything without making sure it is legitimate and safe

When You Arrive

  • We recommend that you do a walk-through of the property and make sure that there are no issues ahead of time. Taking pictures of your apartment at move in is a good idea
  • We additionally recommend that you consider rental insurance, while we hope that nothing happens on assignment its best to be prepared
  • Even if you take our housing there will be items you will need to bring with you. Make sure that you consult the pre-arrival documents from the CCA housing team with items that you will want to consider bringing along or purchasing for your living arrangement
  • We do not have the ability to provide cable and internet in our housing rentals so you will want to research your options prior to arrival if you need these things

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If you experience issues trying to find housing, or you are rethinking having Cross Country Allied provide housing, don’t hesitate to reach out to your recruiter directly. Our housing team can provide you options that we can provide to you.

For help with CCA Portal access email loginhelp@crosscountry.com with explanation and screenshots of your issue or call 800.530.6125

Real Talk
"Absolutely amazing to work with! Ashley Steen and Amanda Valenziano are perfection. I couldn't be happier to be working with cross country. Despite multiple recruiters calling daily it isn't always about the money but the way you are treated. Thank you for the opportunity." - Amy D RN RRT-NPS