Yes, I'm Interested in an Exclusive Allied Job!

Cross Country Allied is a great company! My recruiter works hard to make sure my assignments go smoothly every single time. The sense of community is unmatched and, because of this, I’ll be staying with this company for quite a while.

- Makayla H, Traveler

Spring is Here! So... What's So Great About an Assignment in Pennsylvania?

Cross Country Allied has urgent needs with immediate start dates in picturesque Pennsylvania. Experience the charm of the historical countryside or travel to the bustling city center of Philadelphia and the quaint surrounding areas.

Why should Pennsylvania be your top travel destination?

  • Pennsylvania is an outdoor enthusiast's ultimate playground! Mountains, Rivers and Natural Wonders Galore!
  • Art museums, historical sites, attractions and premier shopping destinations all compete for your time in Pennsylvania.
  • Visit Hershey Park, experience the Amish lifestyle and explore some of the most historic locations from our country's history. The list of things to do in Pennsylvania is endless!

Discover the Keystone State

  • Visit Hershey Park, tour Gettysburg battlefield and explore Philadelphia or Pittsburgh.
  • Grab a lager at the world famous Yuengling Factory while you chow down on a world-famous cheesesteak.
  • Time your adventure right and you can experience the Philly Flower show or take in a Phillies game with the Philly Fanatic.
  • With so much to do, you'll run out of time before you'll run out of things to do!

The best reason to come to Pennsylvania – the Patients!

  • Right now, our client facilities are facing a major supply vs. demand problem. Too many patients and not enough talented healthcare professionals to go around. Simply put — they need you and so do we.
  • Give this destination a try for the length of your travel assignment and we know you won't be disappointed.
  • Apply right now by completing the form on the top of this page.

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