How to Get Acclimated on Your Allied Healthcare Travel Assignment in a New City

How to Get Acclimated on Your Allied Healthcare Travel Assignment in a New City
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February 23, 2021 04:55 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips

If you’re a seasoned traveler, settling into a new city where the population density, culture, weather and geography are different than what you’re used to is probably not big deal. But if you’ve only recently caught the allied healthcare traveler bug, you may feel a little disoriented when you get to your new, temporary location. This is totally normal! Surprise is part of the travel allied adventure, after all, and it can be thrilling to try and figure out how everything works in a new city. Where are the hip neighborhoods? What are the best restaurants? Where can you people-watch? Or exercise? Or grocery shop? Here are our tips for getting acclimated on your allied healthcare travel assignment in a new city.

Attend Orientation at Your Travel Allied Healthcare Assignment Location

If the facility you’re assigned to offers a new employee orientation, try to attend! You are sure to get some helpful tips about meals, parking, workplace culture and more. You may even meet another newbie you can bond with.

Curious About Your New Travel Allied Healthcare Assignment Location? Consult the Oracle.

The oracle, of course, is Google! Or whatever search engine you prefer. You can find tons of useful information about your new city simply by searching online. A great place to start can sometimes be the city’s own website, or local news station. They will usually have links to points of interest nearby, including local bars and restaurants, shopping, entertainment, parks, fitness centers and more. Travel blogs can also be a great way to find the coolest things to do in cities like Gainesville, Florida, Chicago or Portland, Maine.

Search Your Travel Allied Healthcare Assignment City on Social Media

Social media is a great place to find out more about the city you’ll be staying in for a travel allied healthcare assignment. You might want to start by posting a question to your newsfeed to see if any of your friends or followers can give you any advice about things to do or places to go. Other options include exploring local Facebook Groups or Events, joining MeetUp and searching local hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.

Wondering Where to Go in Your New Travel Allied Healthcare Assignment City? There’s an App for That!

Nowadays, there’s an app for just about everything, including probably anything that interests you in your new travel allied healthcare assignment city. State and federal parks, tourist attractions, local restaurants and gyms and even the city itself probably have apps that will help you get acquainted with your new location. There are even apps to help you make use of the local public transportation system and find the nearest craft brewery!

Before you can explore your new city, you need to find a new travel allied healthcare assignment! Search our current opportunities.

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