Why You SHOULD Bring a Friend on Your Next Assignment

Cross Country Allied
Cross Country Allied
January 05, 2018 09:20 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips

When you think of the perfect road trip, it’s probably one with your friends. 

As a traveling radiologic technologist, you might not think of bringing a friend along on your next assignment. But there are some amazing benefits to traveling and exploring a new city with a friend.  

Here’s why you should bring a friend along on your next travel assignment. 

For a Memorable Road Trip 

For some, the solitude of hours alone in a car is a dream come true. For others, the silence is almost unbearable.  

If thought of hours behind the wheel alone isn’t appealing, here are a few more reasons having a sidekick might be great: 

  • You can plan together. It’s much more exciting to plan a trip with a friend than alone.  

  • You can take turns at the wheel. You can sleep, or simply rest. Taking some time out of the driver’s seat makes you much more alert and refreshed the next time you get behind the wheel.  

  • You can feel more secure. There’s said to be safety in numbers. If you feel uneasy traveling alone, especially at night, being part of a duo will put you more at ease. Be sure to stick together at stops and look out for each other. 

  • You can strengthen your friendship. Sure, hours in a car with your friend might lead to a few disagreements. But for the most part, it’s a bonding experience. You’ll have hours to just catch up, in person instead of online or via text.  

For Enjoyment of the Destination 

You’re going to spend the next few weeks or months of your life in a new location. This may be purely exciting, or it may make you uneasy. Having a friend along on the assignment can help take the edge of off navigating a new city.  

Here’s how he or she can be there for you during the assignment: 

  • You can have more fun. Let’s face it -- it’s just not as much fun taking a selfie by the world’s largest artichoke. Wouldn’t it be twice as fun with a friend? Is there a big event you want to attend while you’re on assignment? No worries about going alone, when you’ve brought a friend.  

  • You can talk to someone about your day. Coming home to an empty house can feel lonely. You’ll look forward to heading home, knowing your friend is waiting to hear all about your new assignment.  

  • You can explore after work and on weekends. It can be easy to stay home and isolate yourself, if you’re staying alone. But you’d be missing out on all the city has to offer. You’ll be more likely to get out of the house, if a friend is with you.  

  • You can get pushed out of your comfort zone. This can be a very good thing. Your friend may encourage you to explore new locations, try new activities, and learn things about yourself that you never knew. It’s much easier to try skydiving or hang gliding with a friend by your side.  

Apply for Your Next Travel Assignment with Cross Country Allied  

Search for new job opportunities with Cross Country Allied, and choose where you’d like to go on your next travel assignment. If you decide to go alone, we can help with travel and housing arrangements, or you can plan it yourself. Apply online or contact us to speak with a recruiter. 

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