What to Eat - Boston, Massachusetts

What to Eat -  Boston, Massachusetts
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February 09, 2018 11:30 AM (GMT-04:00)
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When you're in a city like Boston, you don't have to eat in the same restaurants that continually get top billing from tourists.

Look at some of these interesting, tasty and high-quality restaurants that are a little bit off the beaten path to get some of the real flavor of this great New England community.

The Secret Burger

The aptly named "secret burger" is one of the best-kept secrets of town. Written up in Boston Magazine and other places, this legendary choice at the Harvard-area Alden and Harlow restaurant is one of the most popular off-menu options in the area -- executive chef Michael Scelfo started this idea at the Russell House Tavern and brought in to Alden and Harlow in 2013. The best part? These specially created burgers are limited to a few dozen a day!

Boston Pork

With a pork-heavy menu, the Salty Pig on Dartmouth Street near Boston's south end features charcuterie in sophisticated configurations, as well as hard-to-find cheeses and other complementary ingredients. Diners can also get pizzas and other lighter options. A great place to indulge the carnivore in you. Yes, there are other barbeques and other choices around town, but the Salty Pig has its own place in Boston's culinary world.

Seafood Spots

Another interesting culinary location is the Daily Catch, on Northern Avenue right by the wharf and the Boston Tea Party Ships Museum. Enjoy items like calamari, mussels, and soups like Fishermen's Stew, along with fish, scallop, shrimp and surf and turf entrees. The Daily Catch is one of the best places to sample what comes out of the ocean and other waterways around Boston.

While you're up in New England, you may also want to try a bit of lobster. Although many associate this upscale fare with Maine, Boston can be a great place to try this seafood delicacy for the first time, or compare notes with a previous meal. Yankee Lobster and Luke's Lobster House are easy options.

Local 149

Named after a local union office, this pub has late-night food, a casual atmosphere, and vegetarian options. Mussels and short ribs are local favorites, and the "Pizza 149" and "Local Lamb Burger" offer quick bites. Check out daily specials and more for a relaxed meal by the bay.

Aria Trattoria

This Italian restaurant, conveniently situated up by the bridge to east Boston, offers both traditional authenticity and modern comforts. Diners get upscale, refined Italian food in a nice environment - trek out to check out the aquarium or other local attractions after your meal.

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