What to do on Your Day Off as an Allied Healthcare Provider in Omaha, Nebraska

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August 18, 2020 09:46 AM (GMT-05:00)
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Are you an allied healthcare provider thinking about taking an assignment in Omaha, Nebraska and wondering what to do there on your day off? If you’ve never been to this part of the country, you might be picturing endless rows of tall corn, cowboys riding by on horses and tumbleweeds bouncing along down empty, small-town streets. In fact, Omaha, Nebraska is home to nearly half a million people and offers much more excitement than you might think. Located on the banks of the Missouri River near the Iowa border, Omaha is definitely known for its pioneer history and is even located on the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. The city is actually a pretty popular tourist destination, in addition to its numerous historical attractions, it features plenty to do when it comes to arts and culture, dining, sports, shopping and entertainment. Here are a few of the places we think you should check out on your day off as an travel allied healthcare provider in Omaha, Nebraska.

Henry Doorly Zoo

We bet you didn’t know Omaha is home to the world’s largest indoor desert! In fact, it’s also home to the largest indoor rainforest in North America. You’ll find them both at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, renowned for its involvement with breeding endangered species from around the world. This zoo is unlike any other and features an aquarium with a 70-foot shark tunnel, the aforementioned rainforest and its crashing waterfalls featuring monkeys, tapirs, macaws and pygmy hippos, a three-acre gorilla preserve, a sea lion pavilion and more. Desert Dome, the zoo’s crown jewel, features three different deserts in 84,000 square feet with a 55-foot tall mountain in the middle. You could spend all day at this magnificent zoo and still not see all the exhibits. This is one experience you definitely do not want to miss while on a travel allied healthcare assignment in Omaha, Nebraska.

Runza Sandwich Shop

Every geographical region throughout the United States has its own unique food delicacy. New York City has its bagels, Boston its clam chowder, Wisconsin its fried cheese curds and Miami its arroz con pollo. You may be wondering what such specialty food item awaits you in Omaha, Nebraska, and we’re betting you probably hadn’t guessed it would be a meat pocket filled with beef, cabbage (or sauerkraut) and onions. Introducing the Runza, or as it is also known, the bierock, krautburger, fleischkuche, or kraut pirok. Thought to have originated from Eastern European pierogis, the yeast pastry sandwich is available throughout Nebraska, and it is served by both the Nebraska Society of Washington and the Nebraska Society of New York at their Taste of Nebraska events. The Runza fast food restaurant chain operates dozens of locations throughout the state and serves several variations of the sandwich as well as other Midwest favorites including chili, burgers and cinnamon rolls.

Old Market

Your day off as an allied healthcare provider in Omaha, Nebraska wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the area’s hippest place to shop, dine and people-watch! Omaha’s Old Market arts and entertainment district is an eclectic neighborhood with dozens of dining and drinking establishments, a vibrant collection of art galleries and a number of unique shops featuring clothing, books, home décor, jewelry, music, gifts and more. A calendar of upcoming events available on the website highlights numerous activities taking place in the Old Market neighborhood, including a Saturday farmers market, a community green space and garden, live music and more. The cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriage rides and quaint shops will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time, but with a distinctly modern vibe.

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