What Do You Think Makes a Great Recruiter?

What Do You Think Makes a Great Recruiter?
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August 01, 2018 09:30 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Not every recruiter is created equal. Some shine when it comes to managing their relationships with travelers while others don’t put in the time or the effort to make a positive impression.

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Typically, travel healthcare professionals want specific things from their recruiters. When a recruitment specialist meets or exceeds their expectations, that is what makes them great in the eyes of job seekers.

When it comes to having an exceptional experience with a recruiter, here’s what travel healthcare professionals are actually hoping to find.

Open Communication

Arranging a travel assignment can be daunting. Even if you are excited about the experience, that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful too. If your recruiter suddenly isn’t keeping you in the loop, won’t return your calls, or hasn’t sent important details, it’s normal to be disappointed or even upset.

In contrast, a recruiter who communicates openly and often makes you feel confident in your decision to pursue an assignment. Plus, it lets you know that they see you as more than just a person who can fill a vacancy.

Complete Honesty

Often, your recruiter is going to want you to be honest about your skills, experience, and preferences, so why wouldn’t you expect the same level of honesty from them? A recruiter that withholds critical information, doesn’t answer your questions, or blatantly deceives you is a sign of trouble, particularly if you are about to travel to another area for an assignment.

A great recruiter will always be honest about the nature of the role, the working environment, and what they know about your destination city, so seek out a recruitment specialist that is committed to being straightforward during the entire process.


While a recruiter is assisting you by helping you find a great assignment, you are also doing something for them by seeking out a vacant role. If a recruiter is treating you like a commodity instead of a person, then you aren’t in the best of hands.

A top-notch recruiter is going to recognize that the arrangement is mutually beneficial and will express their appreciation for your part in the equation. Plus, they will actively seek your input, ensuring your needs are met as well as those of the facility.


When you seek out a new travel assignment, you likely don’t want to wait around any longer than necessary. A great recruiter is going to be able to explain the process fully, providing you with basic timetables and helping you form reasonable expectations. However, a subpar recruiter might not be able to offer much guidance in these areas, and that could suggest that they aren’t very organized or efficient.

By seeking out a great recruiter, such as the team at Cross Country Allied, you know you are going to have an exceptional experience. If you are looking for more information or would like to explore travel assignment opportunities, the professionals at Cross Country Allied can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters today and see how our services can benefit you.

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