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June 30, 2020 03:29 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Are you currently working a full-time allied healthcare job but wondering what it would be like to give traveling a try? Or maybe you work for another travel healthcare agency and wonder how Cross Country Allied compares. As far as traveling is concerned, allied healthcare professionals can’t beat the career flexibility it offers compared to being a full-time staff member at a hospital or healthcare facility. Traveling as a healthcare professional allows you to experience new cities, states, climates and cultures every few months throughout your career. Professionally, it allows you to try a variety of clinical settings, which can help you decide which will make you happiest if and when you decide to settle down. When it comes to Cross Country Allied, specifically, as the agency you choose to work with, the main benefit, in addition to those listed above, is working with a recruiter who will build a long-term relationship with you to ensure your personal and professional goals are fulfilled. Read on to hear about each of these benefits in more detail.

Cross Country Allied Allows You to Travel to New Locations, Discover New Cities

Sure, a full-time position in a healthcare setting and city you are familiar with offers a sense of security that is really worth something. But if you’re the type of person who enjoys adventure and likes to explore new cities, scenes, geography, weather and people, you should consider traveling with Cross Country Allied. Maybe you’d like to spend your winters near the beach, and your summers near the mountains. Maybe there’s a music festival you’ve always wanted to attend, or a weather phenomenon you’d like to experience, like the Northern Lights or a Perseid meteor shower. As a traveler with Cross Country Allied, your options for assignments at facilities throughout the country are endless.

Expose Yourself to Different Clinical Settings with Cross Country Allied

Do you like what you do every day? Are you happy with your day-to-day routine… the coworkers and patients you interact with, your commute? If the answer is not a 100%, unequivocal, no-hesitation yes, maybe you should consider what else is out there! As a traveler with Cross Country Allied, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of clinical settings in each new geographical location. Explore what it’s like working in a large hospital versus a small clinic, or a teaching hospital versus a government agency. Enjoy the calm of a quiet, rural facility, or expand your skillset with state-of-the art technology in the big city. These are just some of the different types of clinical settings you can experience as a traveler with Cross Country Allied.

Working With Cross Country Allied Offers Unmatched Career Flexibility

Another great benefit of working for Cross Country Allied is the career flexibility you’ll enjoy during the various phases of your life. Would you like to take some time off to travel, focus on kids or school, or go on tour with your rock band? You are always free to take time off between assignments; we’ll be right here waiting when you are ready to get back to work. Or maybe you’re nearing retirement, and you’d like to spend time visiting your children or grandchildren in different cities without giving up your income. Choose assignments available in the cities where you want to be, when you want to be there.

At Cross Country Allied, You’ll Build a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiter You Trust

Cross Country Allied recruiters pride themselves on building strong, long-term relationships with the healthcare providers they work with. Recruiters are familiar with the various hospitals and healthcare facilities we partner with throughout the country, so they can give you the inside scoop on the ones you might want to consider, as well as the work culture you’ll experience there. They also know specific details about the cities you might want to travel to and can provide insight on what each one has to offer when it comes to art, cultural, dining and entertainment options. Your recruiter is your own, personal, career “Siri,” and will always have your long-term personal and professional goals in mind. The longer your relationship, the more in-tune with your individual likes and dislikes she or he will be.

Still on the fence when it comes to the benefits of working with Cross Country Allied? You don’t have to take our word for it. Read what some of our travel allied professionals have to say about us.

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Real Talk
"Absolutely amazing to work with! Ashley Steen and Amanda Valenziano are perfection. I couldn't be happier to be working with cross country. Despite multiple recruiters calling daily it isn't always about the money but the way you are treated. Thank you for the opportunity." - Amy D RN RRT-NPS