Is Becoming a Travel Respiratory Therapist an Option for Adults with Children?

Is Becoming a Travel Respiratory Therapist an Option for Adults with Children?
May 18, 2017 11:06 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
If you’re interested in pursuing travel allied health opportunities, but have children, you may be wondering if it’s actually doable. Plenty of travel respiratory therapists have children and still take on short-term assignments. However, it does require some additional planning if you want to make it work. Consider the following factors to determine if becoming a travel respiratory therapist is an option if you have children.


If you have younger children, childcare will be a major factor when determining if you can travel. Some travel respiratory therapists make it work by having a spouse or family member come along to provide childcare. You can also investigate childcare options in your assignment area to see if they'll work with your schedule.


Think about how child-friendly a location is before you considering taking on an assignment and bringing your children. If there are family-friendly attractions and it's a relatively safe environment, it could be a great experience for them. On the other hand, if it's lacking in amenities for them to enjoy, you may regret it. You could also pick a location that is near your home for times you want to keep your children to a set routine.


Traveling with children makes it a little trickier to secure the right housing accommodations. You'll need more room obviously, and have to be more selective about it than if you were by yourself. However, if you let our team know ahead of time, they can work with you to find housing that best fits your needs.

Times of Year

An option that traveling respiratory therapists with children often take is to select assignments in attractive places that align with common vacation times, such as spring break, holidays, or summer vacation. It ends up pulling double duty: the kids get a fun trip, while you still bring a steady paycheck.


Dealing with your children's schooling while traveling requires planning, but is doable. Some families opt for homeschooling or online schooling if they want to consistently travel, while other parents wait to take assignments until school is out for the year.
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