Travel Light...but Pack Right. Here's How

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December 23, 2016 09:30 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
After the excitement of receiving a coveted traveling healthcare assignment, it’s time to deal with the logistics of getting on the road. When you’re on a short-term assignment, you don’t want to overpack and have to deal with too much stuff. Strike the right balance - check out these tips to travel light but still have everything you need for your next healthcare traveling assignment. 

Review Vital Documents

Above all else, make sure you pack all of the documentation you need to start your assignment. Securely pack any personal identification that will be required by the employer, as well as any professional licenses or credentials, and your employment contract. 

Verify Amenities

Touch base with the point of contact for your short-term assignment to verify what amenities will be provided at your housing site. It can vary significantly from assignment to assignment, so having a definitive answer will prevent you from going through the trouble of packing something that is already offered. 

Check Weather in Assignment Location

Research the expected weather conditions for the area so you can pack accordingly. This way you won't overpack in an attempt to prepare for every possible circumstance. 

Consider Your Downtime Plans

Think realistically about what you will be doing when you're not working, Do you love to hike, do yoga, cook or check out the local art scene? Taking a travel assignment is your opportunity to experience something new and different, so make sure you pack what you might need outside of your typical work day. You never know what may come your way.

Include Items That Feel Like Home

Don't sacrifice your personal comfort for the sake of sparse luggage. While being minimalist is beneficial, some so-called "non-necessities" are likely to be helpful in making you feel more at home in your housing location. Select 1-3 items that remind you of home and can personalize your space, such as framed photos or candles. 

Think About What You Can Buy After Arrival

Sometimes it makes more sense to forgo packing and shipping items and instead buy them when you arrive at your location. If you question whether or not to include something, ask yourself how difficult it would be to easily and affordably purchase it if you left it behind, but ended up needing it once you got there.
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