Need a Change? Here Are Three Reasons to Become a Travel Physical Therapist

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December 22, 2016 13:17 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Do you love your job, but often wish you could find ways to add a little adventure to it? Maybe you would like more opportunities to share best practices with a variety of peers and learn new ones. Become a travel physical therapist and start checking off your wish list.

Benefits of Becoming a Travel Physical Therapist

More Opportunities to Travel

Many Americans wish they had more time to explore other parts of the country. As a travel physical therapist, you can chart your own course. Choose assignments that let you live along the sunny coastlines of the U.S., savor scenic views in the mountains of the Northwest, or zigzag across the country. Travel as you work, without using up your vacation time.

You’ll Meet New People

Do you like meeting new people and making new friends? The opportunities are endless as you travel and work. You will meet new colleagues, new patients and even people outside of your profession.

  • Exchange best practices with colleagues around the country, learn new techniques and build your professional network.
  • Provide care in cities and towns that need your expertise. Your assignments will give you the opportunity to care for a greater variety of patients with different needs. You will broaden your experience, improve your skills, and become an even more competitive candidate for future assignments.
  • Search online for a schedule of community events, festivals, or fairs. Volunteer for a charitable cause, and make even more friends.

It’s a Chance for Adventure

You’ll be able to experience different cultures, climates and culinary pleasures that would otherwise take years to get to—if you got to experience them at all. Many travel physical therapists find their workweek is less stressful than formerly, because a new adventure is as close as their next day off. The door is open to countless options.
  • Relax by soaking in the sun on the shores of the East or West Coast.
  • Cycle or hike on the mountain trails of the Northwest.
  • Accept an assignment in a hub for retailers, like New York or Los Angeles. You’ll have plenty of time to unhurriedly window shop—or just shop.
  • Take a walking, cycling or riding tour of the city, and learn about places to explore while you’re on assignment.
  • Unleash your foodie fervor in some of the country’s top restaurants in Austin, Chicago or New Orleans.

Interested in Becoming a Travel Physical Therapist?

If you’re ready for change and excitement in your career, we’re ready to help. We specialize in travel assignments for physical therapists. Our staffing services will provide you with a position that matches your interests and skills. Get started. Contact the talent acquisition specialists at Cross Country Allied today.

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