Like the Snow? These Locations are Great for Medical Techs in the Winter Months

Like the Snow? These Locations are Great for Medical Techs in the Winter Months
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October 02, 2018 15:42 PM (GMT-04:00)
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For some, the idea of spending the winter surrounded by snow is invigorating. After all, not all parts of the country see snow regularly, and some areas don’t get any at all. This means a travel assignment during the winter can create a unique opportunity, allowing medical techs to head to destinations that are known for having regular snowfall.

If you are looking for medical travel assignments that will let you enjoy some snow this winter, here are some options worth exploring.


Michigan is often recognized as a picturesque winter destination. The area supports an outdoor lifestyle, including in the colder winter months. Plus, the state is known for having reliable snowfall, making it an excellent destination for medical techs who enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo Battle Creek, and Ann Arbor are often considered some of the snowiest cities in the country, but they certainly aren’t the only location to see a notable amount of snowfall each winter. Most travel medical professionals will see snow at any destination city, making the entire state a great option for medical techs to explore.


Illinois is another state that typically sees snowfall during the winter months. For those who prefer to have an assignment in a major city, Chicago can be an ideal destination for winter-loving medical technicians. Not only can you explore everything that Chicago has to offer, but you can enjoy it while snowflakes tumble softly in the sky.

If you want to enjoy some snow-based art, the city of Rockford even hosts a snow sculpting competition in January. You can watch the artists work on their pieces or view them after completion, giving you multiple opportunities to enjoy the amazing creations.


The northernmost point in the continental US is in Minnesota, so it’s no surprise that the state experiences a significant amount of snowfall during the winter. Cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Edina are frequently covered in a white blanket of snow during the colder months, making it an excellent destination for those who enjoy a genuine winter wonderland.

Plus, since snow is so common, larger cities in Minnesota are highly efficient at clearing roads to keep drivers safe. This means you can enjoy several inches of snow without having to worry about whether you can make the trip into work.

Ultimately, all of the locations above can be ideal for medical techs who adore the snow, allowing them to enjoy a winter wonderland while on their next travel assignment. However, they aren’t the only areas where you can find travel jobs this winter, regardless of whether you’d like to see some snow or entirely avoid it.

If you are looking for opportunities in these areas or any other city in the US, the professionals at Cross Country Allied can help you find your ideal destination. Contact us to discuss your perfect assignment with one of our team members today and see how our services can benefit you.

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