The Secret to Remaining Calm and Collected During an Interview

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November 21, 2016 10:40 AM (GMT-04:00)
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No matter how confident you are in your professional abilities, you may struggle with nerves during interviews for traveling healthcare assignments. This is completely understandable, as the interview process is well outside the realm of what you do every day in a healthcare role - you’re used to serving the needs of others, not selling yourself. If you’re taking on traveling assignments, you’ll be interviewing more often, including initial phone or video screenings. Fortunately, interviewing is a skill you can practice and perfect, just like any other. 

Four Tips to Remain Calm and Collected During an Interview


Anxiety often comes from not feeling prepared. Decide ahead of time what key points you want to make, and actually practice saying them until they are top of mind. Don't rehearse your answers word for word, but having an idea of what points you want to convey to your interviewer, along with what words/phrases you prefer, will keep you from rambling or getting tongue tied.


You can't convey confidence if you don't truly believe that you will give a successful interview. Before your interview, take some time to actually visualize how a positive interview will go. It may seem silly, but visualization helps you focus on all the things that can go right and realize they are possible. 


If you consider a phone screening for a traveling assignment to be a high pressure question and answer session in which you are being harshly judged on whether or not you're a worthy healthcare professional...well, of course you'll have trouble staying calm. Reframe how you approach the interview process and treat it as an actual conversation with a fellow healthcare professional. Think about it: if a fellow colleague asked you about your credentials, you'd likely have an easy answer. While you still want to be respectful to your interviewer, aim to be personable and unafraid of them. 


A few moments of silence can feel so awkward during an interview, especially on the phone, but it's much preferable to trying desperately to speak before you've formed your thoughts. Allow yourself time to pause and reflect before you give an answer. You'll feel more in control, and thus, more calm and collected. Take a few deep breaths and speak slowly and intentionally. It may feel unnatural at first, so practice until you become comfortable.
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