The Key to Planning Healthy Meals While Traveling on Assignment

The Key to Planning Healthy Meals While Traveling on Assignment
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July 23, 2018 09:32 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Think about this question for a minute…Could you be eating better?

The truth is, most of us could.

You don't have to think of it as getting on a diet, but improving your eating can be a great way to give yourself a boost when you're moving for a new assignment.
Here are some ways to jump start to a healthy life style!

Pack Ahead – You’ll Eat better!

If you're traveling, or even if you're just on the go on your assignment, find items you can pack along with you. A lot of people who are trying to snack better like to keep items like yogurt, carrot and celery sticks or nuts with them wherever they go. Non-perishable items are easiest – but you can also get a cooler and keep yogurt or low-fat cheese items or other perishables on ice.

Get Your Greens

While successful if packaged correctly, greens can be a difficult item to plan for because they are somewhat uniquely perishable.
Leaving greens at room temperature, especially when they're wet, can introduce bacteria. So, you'll want to carefully wash your green produce and keep it refrigerated until it's time for your snack or lunch. With that in mind, you can also make less perishable green snacks like kale chips or put a salad in that cooler we mentioned to enjoy when you get hungry!

Fruits and Berries

Fruits and berries can also be a great way to energize yourself with natural, health-boosting foods. You have to keep an eye on the sugars – but at the same time, whole fruits are much better than even 100% juice, not to mention common sugary drinks like soda and candy!

Make Vegetables Your Center

Here's the most basic part of the equation to improve your diet – eat more whole foods from a vegetable and fruit menu, less carbohydrates, less meat and less processed food.

Simple, right?

Since many of us have been conditioned to eat meat and carbs with every meal, while the theory is basic to understand, the execution comes with practice and dedication.

The sandwich is king at diners and restaurants – but it's not really that healthy. French fries are on every menu – but again they're just a carbohydrate starch with oil.
One way to change your menu is to buy good vegetables that you will put at the center of your meal instead of meat. Mushrooms, eggplant, or other protein-bearing plant foods would do the trick. Again, a salad is a great option when on the go and looking for a great meal.

These are some of the first steps toward re-crafting your diet to make you feel better and live better every day. At Cross Country Allied, we want to support the professionals who we send to exciting new assignments, and that's why we've compiled a lot of good advice for the traveler and tips on getting oriented in a new location.

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