I Want to Go! A Look into the Exciting Nightlife of Boston, Massachusetts

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April 26, 2017 11:47 AM (GMT-04:00)
Massachusetts , Traveler Tips
The limitless options for nightlife in Boston, Massachusetts can help you have an exciting travel assignment. It doesn’t matter if you want a night out during the week or the weekend. This city is alive with an abundance of choices to help you unwind your way.

Shows and Concerts

There are more than a dozen venues in Boston’s theatre district. Enjoy an opera, the symphony, or a touring Broadway performance. For concerts or music in just about every genre, you’ll find small and large venues, including the House of Blues, Blue Hills Bank Pavillion, and Gillette Stadium.


Boston is big on sports. Regardless of the season, while you’re on your travel assignment, there is a team you can follow. This city is home to four major-league teams:
  • Boston Bruins
  • Boston Celtics
  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Red Sox
You can buy game tickets online, or watch the game with a smaller crowd in one of Boston’s pubs or sports bars.

Bars, Pubs, and Clubs


You can choose from countless sports bars. If sports aren’t your thing, there are other types of bars—from plain to posh—to fit your mood or taste. Boston offers themed bars based on period, ethnicity, music, arts, and more. It’s easy to find a bar that features live music or activities to help you unwind, such as billiards, bowling, or dancing.


There are scores of Irish pubs. Most of the pubs are historical sites and offer traditional favorites like fish and chips and corned beef sandwiches, but the menus are broad.


Boston offers dance clubs galore. You’ll find unique spaces that cater to different audiences and music tastes. Many of the clubs have international clientele.


What do you crave? Is it Asian, Indian, French, Italian, or Thai cuisine? Boston has it. Are you a pescatarian? Boston is a seafood lover’s delight. Vegetarians and vegans are impressed with the variety of restaurants that cater to their dietary lifestyle. If you’re interested in touring the harbor while you dine, take a dinner cruise.

Travel Assignments in Boston

Are you ready to experience Boston nightlife? At Cross Country Allied, we can help you find a travel assignment that will broaden your professional experience and network, and give you a taste one of New England’s top destinations. Contact us today, or browse our available opportunities in Boston.

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