When Creating a Resume, How Should You Select Your References?

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December 30, 2016 09:36 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Healthcare hiring managers, especially for short-term travel assignments, need to make the most informed decisions when determining which candidates to select. Since they’re bringing in someone long distance, who needs to be acclimated as quickly as possible for a short-term role, the strength of your references will likely heavily influence hiring decisions. Positive reviews from someone whose opinion they trust will make hiring managers feel more confident in selecting you above other candidates. When you’re creating a resume, select your references according to the following criteria. 

Someone Higher Ranking

The references whose opinions are assigned the most influence to hiring managers are the ones who had some type of authority over you. Your clinic manager would be considered a more helpful reference than a fellow colleague at the same level since managers are the ones who closely monitor and evaluate your actual work performance. 

Familiar With the Most Relevant Qualifications

If you have an extensive list of possible references, try to narrow it down and include the ones that have the closest familiarity with the skills the hiring manager is assessing. If you're applying for a position within a particular specialty or facility type, the best references are the ones who would be able to speak to your ability to perform well in that specific environment. 

Know What They’re Going to Say

When you're selecting references, pick the ones where you have an idea of what they'll say about you. If you had a tense or removed relationship with a previous boss, it may be best to avoid offering them up as a reference since they could hurt your chances, or maybe not even remember you and make it a wash.
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