Heading out on a new assignment? Make sure you research the area and transportation methods BEFORE leaving

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March 27, 2017 11:22 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
When you’re on a travel assignment, you need transportation to work and to get around town on your days off. But don’t wait until you’re there to figure it out. Be proactive. Research the area and your options before you leave.

How Will You Reach Your Destination?

Even if your assignment is several states away, like many traveling healthcare professionals, you might prefer to drive there. It gives you a chance to see the country, stop at a few attractions, and take scenic pictures. Depending on the distance of your assignment, you might be eligible for paid car rental. Before you leave, you’ll need to know where to park your car in the vicinity of your housing location, as well as the cost of parking.
Whether you drive, take a train, or take a plane flight to your assignment, you’ll still need to determine the best way to get to work and around town.

Driving to Work

You might want to drive to work each day. Only make that decision after you know what’s involved. There are several things you need to research, including:
  • The distance to work
  • How long it takes to get there based on the time of your commute
  • Traffic patterns
  • Special events or construction that might cause delays
  • Availability of parking and the locations
  • Parking costs
  • Car rental costs and office locations
  • Mileage reimbursement

Taking Public Transportation

Public transportation can relieve the stress of driving to and from work in a busy city. But before you decide to take a bus, train, or street car to work, gather the facts, including:
  • The time of day you’ll be traveling to and from work
  • Which, if any, forms of public transportation in this city are safe
  • Distance to the boarding location and if you’ll need transportation to get there
  • The cost of public transportation
  • Where to purchase a pass, if needed
  • The bus or train schedule

Other Options

Depending on the distance to work, some travelers decide to walk, ride a bicycle, or take a taxi or taxi alternative, such as Uber. Ensure you are aware of the time, cost, payment methods, and safety concerns for these options for your specific work location.

Getting Around Town

The best way to get to work isn’t necessarily the best way to go shopping, sightseeing, or to attractions in the area. Find out how the locals get there. It’s probably your best option.

Looking for Travel Opportunities?

Travel assignments can add variety and adventure to your career. At Cross Country Allied, we have opportunities throughout the U.S. that can quickly get you on the road or on a flight to a location of your choice. Apply now.

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