How Simply Saying "Thank You" Can Improve Your Workplace

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November 14, 2016 10:11 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
Whatever your authoritative ranking, making it a priority to thank the medical staff you manage or work alongside can make your workplace more enjoyable and productive for all. Just because you travel and work on short-term assignments doesn’t mean that your actions won’t matter to your colleagues. Workplaces that value showing gratitude for one another at all levels result in workers who enjoy their roles and the people around them - and a happy medical staff generally means a better patient experience. Express your appreciation with these tips for how to effectively take the time to thank your medical staff.

Say the Words

Don't overthink it - you don't have to perform big gestures in order to express your appreciation to your medical staff. On a consistent basis, go out of your way to simply say "thank you" to your colleagues whenever it is warranted. It's the act of saying the words that makes people feel most appreciated, even without gifts or official events. Write a quick note or email, or just say it in passing. 

Celebrate Achievements

When a colleague achieves something great, make it a point to join in any celebration and make them feel special. Bring in a treat, get everyone to sign a card, or simply give your heartfelt congratulations. This is especially effective at making your fellow staff feel appreciated because you're celebrating their triumphs that are specific to them, rather than only complimenting them because they help you out in some way. 

Spread the Word

When a colleague or support staff member goes above and beyond, take it one step further and really thank them by spreading the word to their boss. If you're writing a thank you email, go ahead and copy their manager. This only takes slightly more effort, but demonstrates that you want to ensure they are recognized for their performance by someone influential to their career.
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