Four Power Foods That Will Keep You Energized for Your Travel Assignment

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March 30, 2018 12:20 PM (GMT-04:00)
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A study by Villanova recently showed about 90 percent of Americans consume caffeine every single day. Related, more than half of all American adults consume more than 300 milligrams of caffeine each day, making it by far America's most popular habit.
If you're headed out to a new assignment and in need of more energy throughout the day, there are other options outside of coffee or sugar packed energy drinks.
In fact, nutritionists describe many natural foods that have the ability to help boost your metabolism and keep you humming throughout the day. Here are some excellent snacks that can help you stay energized without the need for caffeine.


Packed with protein and natural fats, nuts are a good way to snack on-the-go while getting the fuel your body needs to convert into energy. While nuts do contain their fair share of fat, they are the perfect package of nutrients direct from nature. Additionally, there is no extra sodium, cholesterol, refined sugars or starches.
These easy snacks are also less perishable than most other snacks and contain additional health benefits.
Considered the king of nuts, if you are looking to make a quick decision at the grocery store, mix almonds into your diet to help reduce risk of heart attack, build strong bones and teeth, and boost brain activity.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit can give you energy and vitality.
The reason pomegranate juice and berries are being marketed so aggressively is due to the antioxidant value of these foods. They essentially rejuvenate the body by neutralizing free radicals that could otherwise damage your system.
Experts recommend oranges which spread sugar energy over a longer period, like nature's own time release capsule. Orange also add pectin and fiber to your diet.


The real breakfast of champions? Get the slowly absorbed carbohydrate value of oatmeal as well as a mixture of vitamin. Some nutritionists call the protein and fiber of rolled oats a winning combination for staying energized all day long.
You can incorporate oatmeal into an energy snack by mixing in peanut butter or other ingredients to eat your oatmeal on-the-go.


How can water help you stay active and energized?
The reality is, staying hydrated helps you feel better and keeps you ready to go. It's not that good old H2O is delivering fuel to your body -- think of it as a lubrication for all that important stuff that makesyou go.
All of these healthy choices contribute to a slow and steady routine that is less dynamic and volatile --and easier on your body from morning to evening.

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