Everything to Know about National Allied Health Professionals Week 2016

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November 07, 2016 09:54 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
Recognized by the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions (ASAHP), National Allied Health Professions Week 2016 takes place November 2 - 6. Since allied health professionals, such as imaging specialists, account for almost 60% of the entire healthcare workforce, National Allied Health Professions Week serves as a way to celebrate hard working professionals like you and honor the valuable contributions you make to patients’ lives and the healthcare system as a whole. Learn more about National Allied Health Professionals Week 2016 and how you can take part.

Panel Discussions

Healthcare facilities and educational institutions often select themed weeks to host panel discussions. If there are any panel discussions in your area, consider attending or even participating. It is a great way for allied health professionals to spread awareness on specific topics and answer questions and get additional perspectives from the public. 

Educational Materials

National Allied Health Professionals Week is the perfect time to brush up with some continuing education. Often healthcare workers get caught up in the day-to-day and have a hard time staying updated on the latest research or trends. Make it a point during the week to read a white paper or article or attend a webinar. You can find resources from ASAHP

Recognition Events

If your employer is hosting a lunch or other event to recognize allied health professionals, try to make it a priority to attend. You deserve to be recognized for your hard work and contributions. Plus, it's an opportunity to socialize more with your colleagues, which can often be a challenge if you're a traveling healthcare professional. You may have a renewed passion for your work after participating in these type of feel good conversations and events. 

Themed Merchandise

Do your part to promote the allied health profession by displaying themed merchandise for the week if your employer has it available. Past examples of National Allied Health Professionals Week merchandise have included pins, coffee mugs, and lanyards. Not only do you get to show your pride, but it can be a great discussion starter for people to learn more about your profession.
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