Mobile Apps for the Traveling Physical Therapist: Goniometer

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December 05, 2016 11:32 AM (GMT-04:00)
Mobile Apps for Therapists
If you are a physical therapist, a mobile goniometer app is a fast, accurate and reliable way to measure range of motion in a patient’s joints. 

How Does a Goniometer Work?

The traditional, handheld goniometer that measures range of motion is a medical protractor. It has two arms. One of the arms is stationary, and the other is moveable. The axis of the instrument is placed over the joint, and the moveable part of it is placed over the body part. The range of motion (ROM) available at the joint, such as the knee, elbow or ankle, is measured as certain tasks are performed. 

Simplify ROM Measurements With a Mobile App

A goniometer app on a phone, tablet or iPad helps physical therapists measure range of motion and flexibility with accuracy. There are several advantages of using a mobile app.

Easily Record and Store Results

The app records before-and-after range of motion for you. There is no need to write down or type in measurements.

Use it for Multiple Patients

Most apps can store data for multiple patients. It’s easy to access the data for review before patient appointments. If you work at multiple locations, the data you need for each patient will be easy to access on your mobile device.

Review Data at a Glance

The ability to review historical data at a glance helps you track each patient’s progress, make adjustments in treatment and project recovery time.

Get Reports

Searchable and printable reports are easy to access, easy to print and easy to read for discussions with patients.

Motivate Patients

Many patients who enjoy technology find that using the app to track their own ROM and progress motivates them to remain consistent with therapy and exercises.

Are Goniometer Apps Really Reliable?

A February 2015 article published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy reported on a clinical test that used a goniometer app to measure range of motion for deep squats. The app used in study was described as providing excellent reliability.
Of course there a variety of apps available to measure range of motion. Which one should you choose? Some of them are designed specifically for medical use. Check the reviews, download one or two of them and try them for yourself.
A well-designed app can improve your efficiency and effectiveness as a physical therapist.
At Cross Country Allied, we’re interested in helping physical therapists stay current with resources that can improve your effectiveness and advance your career. Contact us for assistance in matching you with a position that meets your career goals.

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