Mobile Apps Every Lab Tech Should Download Before They Leave for an Assignment

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April 11, 2017 08:56 AM (GMT-04:00)
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As a travel medical technologist, your first day at a new job requires a lot more preparation than a standard position. You have to juggle the logistics of finalizing your assignment, plus the actual travel itself. Don't let any important information slip through the cracks - here are mobile apps every Lab Tech should download before they leave for an assignment.

Track Expenses

Whether you are getting reimbursed for travel expenses or want to keep track of them for tax purposes, a mobile app can make it easier by storing all of your receipts in one place. Shoeboxed is an app that allows you to scan receipts - so no more frantically searching for a crumpled up receipt in the bottom of your bag or trying to keep tabs on a tiny parking stub.

Luggage Checklist

Save yourself stress and money by utilizing a luggage checklist app like Travel List. It has preset travel lists for common necessities if you're new to travel, arranges items by category, and even has a reminder functionality for items that need to packed at the last minute and can't be done ahead of time.

Hot Spots

Take full advantage of your travel location with an app that helps you find all the nearest places around you, such as restaurants and bars, movie theaters, gas stations, parking, and more. A commonly used app is AroundMe, which has a built in GPS to give you directions to your desired locations and even has menus for restaurants.

Cloud Storage

Travel assignments often entail significant amounts of documentation that you need to have on hand. Give yourself easy access by keeping them stored on a cloud storage system that you can access from a mobile app, such as DropBox. You can email them as necessary, even while traveling, and have peace of mind that you can always get them.
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