Why Every Traveler Should Download PackPoint Before Packing for Their Next Assignment

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Cross Country Allied
March 20, 2018 13:47 PM (GMT-04:00)
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For anyone who's ever had a high-pressure experience packing for a travel assignment, PackPoint offers a new way to help make preparation less stressful.
This new app automates the thinking process that goes into compiling that perfect travel list. It's becoming increasingly more popular with those who are always on the go and need to get where they're going quickly and efficiently.

Putting the List Together

When you think about it, a lot of what you do when writing any packing list is redundant.
You know you're going to need socks. If it's cold, you need a jacket. But writing all these things down takes cognitive work – and time.
PackPoint fully automates most of this process for you. All you have to do is tell the app where you're going and when, provide some basic information, and sit back and check off boxes that are created for you. Now, you still have to count the items, but you don’t have to physically sit down and write down a list- saving time right off the bat.

Handy Categories

Another feature that helps to create order in your packing list, PackPoint classifies your packing items by categories and allows you to save that list for future trips. You'll have one category for work, another for recreation, and any other categories of key related sets of items you'll need on your trip. For example, you can enter the items you need for work, and keep them on every list if they are vital to any future assignments.

Export and Share

PackPoint offers the ability to export these lists and share them with other people. Maybe you want to move your list to a different platform to access it from Google Drive or maybe you want to help a travel companion by comparing lists. The versatility of PackPoint means you can carry your list with you, even if you're using different devices along the way.

What's It Look Like Outside?

Weather information is built into the app also, to help predict the clothes and accessories you'll need based on your destination’s temperature during that time. Scanning the internet for weather information, PackPoint can tell you whether it's a good idea to pack sunglasses, an umbrella, or a coat.

Customize the List

Like many other automation tools, PackPoint is partially automatic and partially made as a decision-support tool. What that means is you can use the app to do most of the work for you, while still manually adding specific items the app might not think of on your own. You can check the list and add your own items, and in this sense, you’re collaborating with the application rather than letting it write your list for you.

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