20 States Are Raising Minimum Wage in 2017. How Will That Impact Travel Lab Techs?

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February 17, 2017 16:12 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Minimum wage increases will affect workers across industries, including the support staff in healthcare jobs, as 20 states raise their minimum wage in 2017. A total of approximately 4.3 million workers are projected to receive a raise as a result, according to Economic Policy Institute. If you work in travel lab tech jobs, you may experience changes in your experiences both before and during your short-term lab tech assignments. Follow this advice to learn more about how the minimum wage increase may impact travel lab techs.

Increase in Short-Term Jobs

While healthcare facilities get their budgets balanced with the additional expense of a higher minimum wage, they may be more likely to bring on travel workers for short-term assignments. You may find you have even more opportunities as a travel lab tech!

Reduced Competition

For the lab techs whose main reason for taking on travel assignments was a higher pay rate, the minimum wage increase may result in employers offering higher wages for full-time lab tech positions, so these workers may opt to settle in one place. If you enjoy travel lab tech assignments for the numerous other perks in addition to the great pay, you may find less competition and have even more of a pick in assignments.

Tighter Budgets

You may notice a difference in the policies, workplace amenities or staffing volume at the locations during your travel lab tech assignments as a result of the minimum wage increase. The organizations may have to cut other expenses in order to pay for the higher payroll costs, which could impact your day-to-day while on assignment.
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