Is meditation before your next therapy session the best way to see quicker results?

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March 24, 2017 10:42 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Can meditation really help patients at your therapy sessions? Yes.
Thoughtful meditation can create inner depth and peacefulness and make therapy sessions more productive. How does it work?

How Can Meditation Help?

Patients who arrive for their appointment with tension from a stressful day a work, a restless night, or disturbing personal issues often cannot relax enough to have a productive therapy session. Stress can prevent patients from focusing on your attempts to educate them about their condition and the exercises or lifestyle changes are needed to improve it. Meditation is purposeful thinking. If your patients meditate on something positive before they receive therapy, it can redirect their thoughts so they can relax and get the most out of your session.

Methods to Help Patients Relax

There are several things you can provide to help your patients refocus and reduce stress during physical therapy, including:

Nature Scenes

Bring nature to your therapy table. An April 2016 article in Business Insider cites multiple studies that show the environment has a powerful impact on reducing stress and inflammation and promoting well-being. Show your patient several photos of nature scenes. Ask him or her to choose one and mentally and emotionally explore the surroundings. Patients who can see themselves in a nature scene before physical therapy are in a positive mental state that makes them more receptive to therapy and education.

Essential Oils

Certain essential oils can reduce anxiety. If you diffuse them in the therapy room, ask your patient to breathe slowly and deeply. The positive aroma can complement your patients’ meditation on nature scenes and enhance relaxation.

Visualization Therapy

Ask patients to visualize the effects of the therapy. As you work on your patient, explain what each manipulation will accomplish. For example, ask your patient tovisualize the back muscles and nerves gently stretching to reduce pain. This method will help your patient cooperate with your manipulations and not resist them.

Traveling Opportunities for Physical Therapists

Are you a physical therapist who is considering travel opportunities? At CCTC – Allied, we partner with thousands of healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. You will have a chance to share your mediation and relaxation techniques with a broader patient base and exchange best practices with peers across the country. Visit our website and explore opportunities that can revitalize your career.

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