How to Land Your Next Job as a Lab Technologist

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December 09, 2016 09:06 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Lab technologists play a valuable role serving patient care needs in a more behind-the-scenes capacity. Hiring managers want someone who they can trust to perform the lab technologist duties effectively, while also being equipped to handle the fast-paced work environment. Land your next job as a lab technologist with these job search tips.

Research the Organization

Taking the time to perform preliminary research on the facility you're applying to can help you come across as thorough and prepared for the opportunity in a cover letter or phone interview - definite positive traits in a candidate who would be dealing with lab samples. Having some familiarity about the environment also puts you in a better position to make a more compelling argument about why you should be considered. 

Highlight Your Most Relevant Attributes

When you consider the fact that candidates for any given lab technologist job are likely going to have significantly comparable qualifications in terms of previous job responsibilities, it makes sense that you’ll need to communicate what sets you apart from the competition: your personal attributes. Once you establish in your resume and initial introduction that you have the basic qualifications, highlight the traits that make you an outstanding lab tech, such as attention to detail, a positive attitude, teamwork, communication skills, etc. 

Be Prepared With Specific Examples

It can be hard to be memorable to healthcare hiring managers in a preliminary phone or Skype interview. Improve your chances of being considered for a lab technologist job by having specific, real-life examples to use to support your statements. The less broad and general you are, the more likely it is the hiring manager will be confident in your words. For example, if the interviewer asks about your attention to detail, describe a past situation that clearly demonstrates your proficiency. 

Express Passion and Enthusiasm

Hiring managers of course want to hire the candidate with the skills required to be a topnotch lab technologist, but they also want someone who is personally engaged in their work. A lab technologist that is self-motivated to perform because of a passion for patient care or enjoyment of the work environment is more likely to do good work than someone who is only there for the money or because they need a job. Don't be afraid to express your passion and enthusiasm - as long as you conduct yourself professionally and don't come across as desperate, it presents you in a favorable manner.
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