How Far Back Should Your Employment History Go on a Resume?

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October 07, 2016 12:46 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Travel healthcare professionals don’t have the type of work experience that fits neatly into the standard resume style. You’re faced with the challenge of compiling a variety of short-term assignments into a cohesive document that demonstrates your relevant experience and the value you could bring to a medical unit. For brevity’s sake, simply listing each individual assignment you’ve gone on could make your resume look more like a novel instead of an easily skimmable piece.
Make your resume informative but concise - learn more about what factors to consider when determining how far back your employment history should go on a resume and how to list your traveling assignments most effectively.


One way to organize your work history on your resume, if it has a lot of short-term assignments, is to group them by position title and go back far enough to include all relevant titles. For instance, if you have worked in both general roles and specialties, you could include those titles and then list the different locations in which you completed assignments. 


Another way to condense the short-term assignments on your resume is to group them by employer (such as the allied healthcare staffing agency that connected you with the work). Then you can go back as far as you need to include the specific agencies or other employers for permanent positions. For instance, if you received multiple short-term assignments with MSN Travel Allied, you would give it its own section with yourposition title and duration of working with them, (i.e., MSN Travel Allied, Travel Imaging Tech, Date -- Date) followed by a listing of examples of specific assignment location. 


It's important to be thoughtful and prioritize what you list on your resume, especially if you have many short-term assignments. As a rule of thumb, when you're determining how far back to go and how much detail to include, think about what the hiring manager will find most relevant for the roles you are pursuing.
Consider which assignments may be best to highlight for the particular roles for which you're applying, and expand on those with additional information, while limiting the amount of detail you include on your older experience. The hiring manager will still get the scope of your job history by knowing how long you’ve been working in the field, but won’t have to waste time wading through excessive details.
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