Four Fears that Might (but Shouldn't!) Hold You Back from a Travel Assignment this Spring

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March 16, 2017 10:07 AM (GMT-04:00)
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If you're interested in transitioning into a career as a travel healthcare professional, you may have some hesitation. Travel assignments are so different than the standard healthcare job in one set location, which can certainly be considered a good thing, depending on what you're looking for in your current career and lifestyle. Learn more about four fears that might hold you back from a travel assignment this spring, and why you shouldn't worry.

1.Travel Assignments Are Only in Less Reputable or Undesired Locations

It's a myth that if a healthcare facility is a great place to work, surely they won't have trouble having enough workers on staff and wouldn't need to hire workers for short-term assignments. A wide variety of healthcare facilities, even large renowned ones, hire for short-term assignments due to a shortage of qualified professionals in the industry.

2.The Current Staff Will Be Unwelcoming to Short-Term Workers

You may be afraid that you'll considered an outsider or looked at with suspicion from the current full-time staff at your assignment location. Fortunately, they are more likely be welcoming to you, as opposed to threatened, because you are providing much needed support for the team as a whole.

3.Travel Healthcare Assignments Aren’t Consistently Available

Perhaps you are hesitant about taking on a short-term travel assignment because you think it will be stressful to continue finding more assignments after you're done. There are many opportunities for travel assignments, so you can have your pick - if you want to take time off between assignments you can, or you can work with your staffing company and get your next one lined up.

4.Having a History of Travel Assignments Will Affect Future Job Search

It is a misconception that travel assignments are somehow not considered as valuable of work experience as more steady healthcare jobs. Although these assignments have a shorter duration, they require the same high level skills as an equivalent permanent position. Healthcare hiring managers are likely familiar with travel professionals and wouldn't discount that experience on a resume.
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