Five Reasons Every Traveler Should Start Using Waze Instead of a Typical GPS

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January 04, 2018 16:11 PM (GMT-04:00)
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If you’re a traveling occupational therapist assistant, you know how frustrating it is to get caught in an unexpected traffic jam, especially when you could have avoided it.  

Waze is an app founded in 2007, which helps you avoid the headache of an hours-long delay by alerting you to traffic, construction, accidents, and more in real time.  

Waze has some other great features for travelers. Here are the top five reasons you should use this turn-by-turn navigation app for your next trip. 

Find the Best Route 

If only you’d known the interstate would be down to one lane, you’d have taken an alternate route. It’s the inevitable orange-barrel nightmare that travelers dread, but mostly accept.   

Waze can help. The app will automatically change your route based on real conditions, routing you around problem areas.  

The best part? Waze doesn’t rely only on official information that might be outdated or inaccurate by the time you hit the road. Other Waze users input data about traffic, construction, and road conditions.  

For example, if there’s construction causing a two-hour delay, made worse by a wayward piece of drywall in the road, you’ll receive an alert from Waze, based on what other users experienced and reported in real time.  

Find the Cheapest Gas 

Want to find not just any gas station, but the closest one with the least expensive gasoline? Waze has you covered. Just like traffic updates, Waze relies on its users to provide real time gas prices.  

You can pre-plan your trip adding stopping points, like gas stations and restaurants, along the way. Waze will even go further and alert you of any available coupons to help you save more money.  

Check Out Your Route from Your Desktop 

Like to know what you’re getting yourself into? You can preview road conditions and traffic from your desktop, before you ever put your foot on the gas pedal. 

Of course, accidents happen, and that information will come to you real time when you’re already on the road. But you can take a look at typical traffic conditions on your route, as well as any ongoing construction in advance of your trip. 

Waze’s live map allows you to zoom to street-level and view current traffic conditions. For example, say you’re traveling in Nashville and plan to take I-65N, you zoom in to see live reports of heavy traffic jams and standstill traffic near Brentwood. You decide to take an alternate route and arrive on time. Simple as that. 

Know Where Others Are 

If you’re traveling in separate vehicles to the same location, Waze can help you keep track of your travel buddies.  

By connecting your Waze account to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, you can find other Waze users (your travel buddies). You can share estimated arrival times and your current location with your travel partners. 

You Can Help Others 

The secret to Waze’s success is its users. Millions of drivers report to Waze on current road conditions, accidents, road hazards, speeding traps, and traffic jams.  

Waze has a voice reporting feature to ensure its users aren’t distracted drivers. By joining the Waze community and reporting traffic conditions, you help fellow travelers and the Waze network.  

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