Heading to a New Destination? Download Citymapper to Make the Most of Public Transportation

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Cross Country Allied
April 04, 2018 16:28 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Anyone who's visiting a new city, especially for a new travel assignment, can use the Citymapper app to get more in touch with how to get around local neighborhoods.
A universal tool for all travelers, Citymapper offers users many ways to go from Point A to Point B.
If you're familiar with taking a cab or relying on the GPS in your vehicle, downloading Citymapper will give you plenty of options and support when you’re in a new city without a firm understanding of how to navigate.

More Than Just a Locator App

Location and schedule tracking are only part of what Citymapper does – this ground-breaking tool can be used as a new visual way to travel.
With real-time, interactive mapping, users can look at Citymapper to see where a bus actually is in real-time. Unlike a paper schedule, this interactive tool delivers new opportunities for travelers and provides a superior customer experience.
It is especially great for people who are new to an area and may not have as much in-depth knowledge of how local public transit operates.

Multimodal Transportation Tools

Citymapper is not just a bus app. It also considers other means of transportation such as walking, biking or ridesharing. You can plug in walking routes to a bus stop to further customize your trip and make public transit more feasible.
It doesn't have to be a choice between hopping in your car or waiting forever for a bus. You can meet the bus where it is, and get some good exercise along the way!
People who have used Citymapper for multimodal transporation are able to cut down on their commute time, making the most of their time and avoiding sitting in traffic jams.
Citymapper’s makers explain that the app offers information in between cabs and buses. It's not just for cabs -- it's not just for buses. It's a way to combine all options in real-time to create the easiest and most efficient route possible to get you where you need to be.

Plug in Frequent Addresses

Another way to optimize your use of Citymapper is to have your usual destinations factored into the app’s algorithms. Putting your home and work addresses into Citymapper is a great way to better see what’s around you and to offer you what's best for you in the moment.
Citymapper helps you tackle that learning curve on the first day of your travel assignment by showing you the different routes for where you want to go so you can weigh your options. That's why so many tech-savvy people are getting this app from iPhone and Android stores. Try it to get your bearings when you've come to a new city for a new travel assignment.

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