Celebrating National Radiologic Technology Week

Celebrating National Radiologic Technology
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November 08, 2017 14:22 PM (GMT-04:00)
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National Radiologic Technology Week is November 5-11, 2017. The American Society for Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) sponsors the week, which recognizes the crucial role medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in patient care.

The week is themed “Positioning to Save Lives” and is significant because it includes November 8, the date Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray. Make plans to celebrate with your colleagues using the following tips.  

Successful Planning

It’s not the quantity of events that counts, but the quality. To ensure a successful event, the ASRT offers tips for planning National Radiologic Technology Week: 

  • Recruit a team and a team leader. The team will make sure the work is evenly distributed, and the leader makes sure it gets done. 
  • Determine your audience and goals for each event. If your audience is the public, your goals will be different from those for an audience of healthcare professionals. Plan events according to audience and goal. 
  • Invite the community and the media. Don’t forget to spread the word to your local media professionals, as well as to the wider community. Awareness shouldn’t end at your doorstep.  
  • Hire or assign someone to take photos and videos of events for social media and publications.   

Graphic Resources 

No need to test your graphic design skills. The ASRT provides free, customizable templates for fliers, posters, social media, and newsletters.  

Simply download the document and add specific information about your event. 

Presentation Pointers 

Your organization might consider hosting a forum during the week, or offer experts to make a presentation to the community about the history and importance of radiologic technology.  

The ASRT offers tips for making your presentation the best it can be: 

  • Gather critical information upfront: 
  • What is the location and time of the event? What time does your portion begin? Are you expected to be there for the entire event? 
  • How long is your portion of the presentation? 
  • What’s audiovisual equipment will be supplied and what do you need to provide? 
  • Who will be in attendance? (So you can tailor the presentation.) 
  • Should you plan to provide handouts? 
  • Prepare your presentation focusing on three main points maximum to keep the audience’s attention. Be sure to solicit audience involvement if possible. 

Engage a Young Audience 

The ASRT provides a website with images and brief videos for use during presentations to young audiences. If you’re invited to speak in a school or classroom setting, be sure to take advantage of Radcademy.    

The website includes: 

  • Information on a career as a radiologic technologist 
  • Medical imaging examples and an explanation of the technology 
  • A section on the benefits to patients 
  • A series of videos hosted by students 

Celebrate the Career and History on Social Media 

Using the facts presented on ASRT’s infographics, you can easily create a week’s worth of social media posts.  

For example, you might share: 

  • Education required to become radiologic technologist 
  • Which state has the highest number of radiologic technologists 
  • When the x-ray was discovered and by whom 
  • How many procedures are performed yearly 
  • Different types of technology, such as radiography, nuclear medicine, and mammography 

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