Question: Can I Bring My Pet on My Next Travel Assignment?

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April 18, 2017 09:08 AM (GMT-04:00)
Traveler Tips
An allied travel assignment can be more enjoyable if you bring along a piece of home. Some people travel with their families - including their furry members. It is not uncommon to be able to bring your pet along, but you'll have to do some preparation to make sure your pet is allowed and the best choice for you. Keep these tips in mind if you want to bring your pet on your next travel assignment.

Discuss the Topic Upfront

Ask your recruiter about the possibility of bringing your pet with you on a travel assignment. They can then let you know if it is something they can accommodate or not, and if so, they can keep it in mind as they work with you to finalize your travel arrangements. If you are upfront about wanting to bring your pet, your recruiter will do whatever they can to make it happen or at least offer alternative solutions.

Allow Extra Time to Arrange Housing

Bringing a pet with you means that you have to be more selective about the type of housing you choose, so give yourself as much time as possible to research your options. You will need to obviously find a place that allows animals, learn about pet deposits and rules, and make a decision on a place that fits your work and personal needs.

Consider Additional Expenses

Traveling with a pet will likely require additional expenses, such as a carrier and additional fee if they are not small enough to travel as carry on for flying. Depending on your work hours at your travel assignment, you may also need to pay to have them kept at a them in a kennel club or pay for someone to walk them, which can affect your budget.

Find Pet-Friendly Places in New Area

If you've decided to make the arrangements and bring your pet along to your assignment, do some research ahead of time to find pet-friendly places in your travel assignment location. See if there are any dog parks, look up recommendations for groomers, and find pet supply stores, so you're prepared when you arrive with your pet in tow.
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