4 Apps to Make a Long-Distance Relationship During a Travel Assignment More Manageable

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February 16, 2018 16:00 PM (GMT-04:00)
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Maybe you're headed out for your next new adventure, preparing for a job change that's going to take you far from home. It's exciting -- and there's a lot to gain -- but there can also be some challenges.

One of these challenges is preparing to keep in touch with the man or lady in your life, if you're going to be separated by quite many miles.

Here are some excellent ways to use some of the newest technology to keep in touch when your relationship goes long-distance.


If you have an iPhone, and so does your partner, there's nothing easier than FaceTime, where you can communicate in video with your loved one at the drop of a hat. With FaceTime, video-conferencing really is as easy as pressing a button – and everybody from couples, friends, family and work team members can use these tools to talk face to face over a distance.


Skype is the traditional workhorse of videoconferencing, long-distance lovers' chats and everything else. But it also has some unique challenges. As the interface has evolved, it's become a little harder for some users to deal with passwords and connectivity issues and much more. However, if you want a cheap, easy way to network through a desktop or laptop interface, something that's universally compatible, Skype can be an excellent choice.

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Lots of people are talking about WhatsApp -- a great new software application that's allowing users to sidestep a lot of the costs of sending text messages. If you and your significant other like to text each other, getting connected through WhatsApp can make your long-winded conversations a whole lot easier and cheaper.

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Google Hangouts

Google's answer to videoconferencing is also a great choice for keeping current with relatives and friends! This technology is supported by a household name in digital pioneering and has a lot of bells and whistles that will allow you to really keep in touch in a great visual way.

In addition to the above, you can use a variety of other ways to keep in touch with your significant other and your loved ones. Instagram allows you a way to quickly show everyone your favorite pictures. Facebook Messenger can alert you on your phone whenever you have a message. All of these technologies help you to focus on your relationships, even while you are doing the tough work of transitioning to a new city and a new role.

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