Three Reasons Every Traveling Physical Therapist Should Use LinkedIn Local to Find Meet-Ups and Networking Events

Three Reasons Every Traveling Physical Therapist Should Use LinkedIn Local to Find Meet-Ups and Networking Events
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October 04, 2018 13:31 PM (GMT-04:00)
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With the wide range of travel assignments available, finding an exciting city to act as your next destination is easy. While you certainly want to spend some of your time taking in the sights, if you would like to meet like-minded professionals, heading to a tourist destination might not be the ideal option.

Luckily, LinkedIn Local can make finding networking events and meet-ups a breeze, allowing you to connect with other physical therapists or members of the medical community in nearly every city. If you aren’t sure why you should use LinkedIn Local, here are three reasons why it should be your tool of choice.

Face-to-Face Connections

Many professionals maintain virtual networks on LinkedIn. They exchange messages with other members, write or comment on posts, and otherwise engage their connections online to keep the relationship going.

While having an online-only connection can still be beneficial, being able to meet in person creates new opportunities to have meaningful conversations in real-time. With LinkedIn Local, finding events is a breeze. The site lets you know what is happening and where. Then, you simply need to arrange to attend.

Meet New People

At times, increasing the size of your network is challenging online. After all, you either need to introduce yourself to a stranger and hope they are open to having a conversation or find a connection in common and ask for an introduction, something they may not be willing to provide.

With LinkedIn Local meet-ups, you’ll automatically be exposed to new people. Anyone in the area may attend the event, giving you a chance to expand your network while interacting with professionals from all walks of life.

Plus, you won’t have to wonder whether an introduction is welcome. All attendees are there to meet new people and mingle with members of their networks, so the ability to approach someone is built into the paradigm.

Discover Interesting Places

Since LinkedIn Local events are physical get-togethers, they all take place at chosen locations within the city. This means you may discover interesting venues that you otherwise would have missed during your time in town.

Plus, meet-up coordinators make sure attendees have all of the information they need to find the location with ease. This means, even if you aren’t familiar with the city, you likely won’t have to struggle to find the venue.

Attending LinkedIn Local events can be a great option for exploring your new city, so consider adding these meet-ups to your travel assignment adventure if you want to learn more about what the area has to offer.

Ultimately, LinkedIn Local meet-ups are a great addition to any travel assignment, allowing you to connect with people in-person, expand your network, and explore new venues all at the same time.

If you are interested in learning more or are seeking new travel opportunities, the professionals at Cross Country Allied can help. Contact us to learn more about our available assignments today and see how our services can benefit you.

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