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Why Every Traveler Should Download PackPoint Before Packing for Their Next Assignment


For anyone who's ever had a high-pressure experience packing for a travel assignment, PackPoint offers a new way to help make preparation less stressful.

Making the Most of Baltimore, Maryland: Four Can’t Miss Sightseeing Activities


When you want to do more than what's on the average tourist’s itinerary, check out these interesting options for sightseeing and enjoying your next Baltimore assignment.

If You're Heading to Boston for Your next Assignment, Don't Miss These Sightseeing Opportunities


While it's certainly fine to go see Fenway, one way to get connected to the city is to explore some of its interesting lesser-known opportunities for learning and entertainment.

Why You SHOULDN'T Bring a Friend on Your Next Assignment


Considering bringing a friend or significant other along with you on your next travel assignment? Before making plans, consider these reasons to travel alone.

4 Apps to Make a Long-Distance Relationship During a Travel Assignment More Manageable


Maybe you're headed out for your next new adventure, preparing for a job change that's going to take you far from home. It's exciting -- and there's a lot to gain -- but there can also be some challenges.

What to Eat - Boston, Massachusetts

What to Eat -  Boston, Massachusetts

When you're in a city like Boston, you don't have to eat in the same restaurants that continually get top billing from tourists.

Why You SHOULD Bring a Friend on Your Next Assignment


As a traveling radiologic technologist, you might not think of bringing a friend along on your next assignment. But there are some amazing benefits to traveling and exploring a new city with a friend.  

The Top 5 Allied Health Posts of 2017


As 2018 makes its debut, it’s important to look back at the impact the previous 365 days have had on our lives. From devastating weather events to Presidential tweets, women marches to a total solar eclipse...

Five Reasons Every Traveler Should Start Using Waze Instead of a Typical GPS


Aside from using your typical GPS, Waze has some other great features for travelers. Here are the top five reasons you should use this turn-by-turn navigation app for your next trip. 

Seven Things You'll Probably Forget to Pack on Your Next Travel Assignment


Even the most seasoned travelers forget to pack items. But it’s typically not the driver’s license and smartphone that get left behind.

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