About Cross Country Allied

About Cross Country Allied

Cross Country Allied has been in business for more than 30 years, matching healthcare professionals with amazing assignments all over the country. From community hospitals to renowned teaching facilities, from small towns to big cities, we have opportunities that will renew your sense of purpose and adventure, whether you want to head out on the road or stay close to home.

Assignments are currently available for:

We have formed strong relationships with many of the nation's top hospitals and medical centers, school systems, long-term care facilities, home health organizations and more to offer you the largest selection of exclusive positions in the industry. These are opportunities that you won't find with any other staffing company. Working with us, you’ll enjoy the best combination of pay and benefits in the industry all while doing what you love.

Cross Country Allied, is a member of the Cross Country Healthcare family of brands, which can open even more professional paths for you to explore.

  • Competitive pay rates
  • Free private housing or housing stipend
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Generous bonus offers
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Comprehensive health, life and dental insurance with prescription coverage
  • Licensure reimbursement and assistance
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Guaranteed pay
  • Tax Advantage Plan
  • Continuing education reimbursement options
  • Employee Discounts – movies, gym memberships, car purchase discounts, and more through our parent company and Perkspot
  • And more!
  • Acute care and rehab hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics or offices
  • Home care
  • Schools or community health programs
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Skilled nursing, extended care, or sub-acute facilities
  • Fitness centers and sports training facilities
  • Industrial, workplace, or other occupational environments

Travel assignments on average run 8, 13 or 26 weeks. However, if you love a destination there’s always the possibility of renewing your contract. That’s one of the many benefits of traveling… you decide when the adventure is over and when it’s just begun. Having the ability to head to destinations all across the country will give you the chance to visit cities and towns you always wanted to explore. We also provide contract options and even teletherapy. Let your recruiter know what your preferences are and we will make it happen. You may end up finding yourself in someplace you never thought of going. The possibilities are endless.

An international code of ethics for nurses was first adopted in 1953. It has been revised and reaffirmed at various times since then; most recently with a revision in 1999. General in nature, but specific in application, it is most suited to the special challenges faced by Nurses. There has never been a Code specifically adapted for travel allied healthcare professionals in every specialty and/or in general or advanced practice who travel throughout the United States and throughout the world. This adaptation of the ICN Code for Nurses helps make clear what has only been inferred before. Where reference is made to an individual in the Code, it also infers to family and community.

The need for health care is universal. Thus, health care is provided without prejudice. That is, the allied health care professional treats all persons of whatever nationality, race, creed, culture, gender, politics or social status as humans to be respected and cared for equally. Respect for human rights, including the right to life, to dignity and to be treated with respect is intrinsic to the healthcare professional/patient relationship. Allied healthcare professionals render health services to individuals, families and the communities and coordinate their services with those of related groups. The Code has five principle elements that outline the standards of ethical conduct.

Allied Healthcare Professionals and People

  • An Allied healthcare professional's primary professional responsibility is to people requiring health care.
  • Allied healthcare professionals, in providing care, promote an environment in which the human rights, values, customs and spiritual beliefs of the individual, family and community are respected.
  • Allied healthcare professionals ensure that the individual receives sufficient information on which to base consent for care and related treatment.
  • Allied healthcare professionals hold in confidence personal information and use judgment in sharing this information.
  • Allied healthcare professionals hold in confidence any proprietary information learned in conjunction with their employment.
  • Allied healthcare professionals share with society the responsibility for initiating and supporting action to meet the health and social needs of the public, in particular those of vulnerable populations.
  • Allied healthcare professionals also share responsibility to sustain and protect the natural environment from depletion, pollution, degradation and destruction.

Allied Healthcare Professionals and Practice

  • Allied healthcare professionals carry personal responsibility and accountability for health care practice and for maintaining competence by continual learning.
  • Allied healthcare professionals maintain a standard of personal health so that the ability to provide care is not compromised.
  • Allied healthcare professionals use judgment in relation to individual competence when accepting assignments and delegating responsibilities.
  • Allied healthcare professionals, at all times, maintain standards of personal conduct that reflect well on the profession and enhance public confidence.
  • Allied healthcare professionals, in providing care, ensure that the use of technology and scientific advances are compatible with the safety, dignity and rights of people.

Allied Healthcare Professionals and Co-workers

  • Allied healthcare professionals sustain a cooperative relationship with co-workers in nursing and other fields.
  • Allied healthcare professionals take appropriate action to safeguard patients when their care is endangered by a co-worker or any other person.

Allied Healthcare Professionals and Employers

  • Allied healthcare professionals practice within the legal restrictions of each jurisdiction.
  • Allied healthcare professionals practice according to the policies of their employer as delineated in their contract with the employing agency.
  • Allied healthcare professionals practice collaboratively within the policies of the contracting company and health care setting (hospital, etc.)
  • Allied healthcare professionals promptly report ethical, legal and practice concerns to their employing company.

* An adaptation of International Council of Nurses' Code of Ethics for Nurses, see http://www.icn.ch/

At Cross Country Allied, we are proud of our unrivaled devotion to the clients we serve, both the healthcare professionals we place on assignment and the healthcare facilities we staff. We strive to always offer the highest level of personal customer service and to help ensure that we never deviate from the path we set, we developed “Our Client Bill of Rights.”
As our Healthcare Professional Client, you have the right to expect...

  • Respectful, courteous and professional treatment
  • Knowledgeable and resourceful management of your relationship with our company
  • Clear and timely communication regarding all aspects of your travel experience
  • Results that confirm we do what we say we will do
  • Prompt improvement should our service ever fall short
  • Attentive and proactive responses on any issue or problem that may arise

The points written above are what you can expect us to deliver every time we work together. If at any point we fail to meet your expectations, we want you to let us know.

Marc Krug
Vice President, Allied Division

As a healthcare staffing company, Cross Country Allied is in the business of caring, and that sense of responsibility for the health and welfare of others extends to the safety and well-being of those around us, whether it is our corporate employees and their families, our field staff, friends, neighbors, or our clients and business partners. The objective of our corporate social responsibility program is to contribute positively to the community, the lives of our employees and the patients in their care, and others, while remaining aware of the social and environmental impact of our business practices and those of our suppliers.

While the Company and our employees support a wide range of local and national non-profits, we are especially passionate about organizations that focus on the promotion of health and well-being. Cross Country Allied is proud to support the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association, and many of our employees are quite enthusiastic about their participation at the events these organizations sponsor.

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"Absolutely amazing to work with! Ashley Steen and Amanda Valenziano are perfection. I couldn't be happier to be working with cross country. Despite multiple recruiters calling daily it isn't always about the money but the way you are treated. Thank you for the opportunity." - Amy D RN RRT-NPS